Sharpening scissors -by sandpaper,sharpening stones,metal scrubbing pad,aluminium foil


People use scissors for various work.naturally scissors become blunt sharpening scissors is the hot topics nowadays.There are many kinds of method for sharpening it.I am going to discuss some effectable method that really can thrust these method.I hope these method will solve the problem .

sharpening scissors

sharpening scissors through sharpening stones

sharpening  through sandpaper

you can use sandpaper having grit 100-200.after buying sandpaper you have to cut them through scissors that you wants to sharpen.

if sandpaper is thin ,you have to fold them .then you can start works well.To obtain more finer edge ,have to sharpen with more grit size above 200 grit.the following video can help you for sharpening through sandpaper.

sharpening through sharpening stones:

Sharpening stones is used for every kind of sharpening purpose.In this case,you have to remove screw from can use screw driver for this work.then you have to sharpen the parts of the scissors separately.there are many kinds of sharpening stones in the market but i recommend oil stones for this work.I recommend the following sharpening stones for sharpening .

How to use oil stones to sharpen the scissors:

sharpening through aluminium foil:

having 10 inches long aluminium foil,you have to fold it multiple time and have to turn in a thick fold.when you cut the foil,the scissors will be sharped.if your strips become more thick ,you will get your scissors more finer cutting a little strips.on the other hand,if your strips become thinner ,you have to cut more strips.

sharpening through metal scrubbing pad:

you can cut scissors through metal scrubbing have to cut until your scissors become fully sharped.but it has a disadvantage that your scissors will be eroded fast.if your scissors is so much blunt,you can use this this situation ,this method works well


sharpening through an object

you can use mason jar,pin,burrows to sharpen the scissors.among them,mason jar works better.

best method for sharpening it: 

it depends on types of scissors.normally sharpening stones and sandpaper are the best.

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