Novaculite sharpening stones and novaculite for sale


Novaculite sharpening stones have the famous history

Marathon uplift of texus,oklahoma, mountain  of arkansas and oklahoma contains  microserration  quartz is known as novaculite . micro crystalline quartz deposits layer by layer and become recrystallined and forms novaculite. It is a substance of low grade metamorphism of cherts beds.over thousands of year ,silica containing substance as well as phosphorus substance has been deposited and form novaculite. novaculite stones is famous for sharpening purpose because of its chemical properties and grit size. novaculite has different grit size and has a bit difference between composition of one with that of another.For the hardness,various grit size and composition ,novaculite is used for polishing and honing an edge.

IT contains silica particles . It is considered  of highly siliceous sediments . besides silica it also composed of calcium,phosphorus and other fundamental elements .IT has different kinds of color. so it is called colorful stones.main colour of novaculite is grey and grey-white.besides it has red ,purple and rarely green .It is very resistant of erosion.In the ancient period people quarried novaculite for using  as arrows,spear point and sharpening stones . natural novaculite sharpening stones

novaculite sharpening stones

.The hand rock of novaculite is used as whetstones.The archeologists says that the storage of novaculite is decreasing day by day as it has been quarried very rapidly  .About 10080 BC to 1750 AD native american lived in arkansas region.They used novaculite stones  for many works. They made arrows ,knife blades, sharpening tools,swords ,and drills as well as used as whetstone.

I recommend following novaculite sharpening stones

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Composition :

Mainly silicon dioxide ,few carbonate content and little phosphate content.

specific characteristics of novaculite : hardness ,concoidal fracture. specific gravity 2.5-2.7. It is used to make designed sharpening stones that can be used for sharpening purpose. novaculite is used to make natural sharpening stones.

Silica bearing sedimentary  stone that is called silica  clay sediment. these sediment stay layers by layers. It is in natural.It is exists in the natural as a form of quartz or another silicate its main components is silica ,it is called silica bearing stones.

.There are many kind of sedimentary stones in the nature some are organic and some are inorganic. Organic materials such as plants animals ,biomas are suspended over million of year and forms hardened  clay.

IT is also called sedimentary stone

.though it in called stone but it is very soft .When silicon stone on carbonate sediment is suspend in a clay matrix over thousand of year.It forms hundred sediment stones  that in natural. natural stones are required for sharpen an edge .It is excellent type of whetstone.

Novaculite is the uppermost hardening sediment stones.It is available in japan .There was a large amount of navaculite stone in the japan.The japanies used this for sharpening tools,knives,axe,and swords for thousands of year.


The geology of japan deposit such kind of sedimentary stones .Novaculite, belgiun blue and caticule are called japanees water stones because they are very proud of it . water is needed for lubricate  of such kind of japanies whetstones.

.Before use of natural japanies water stones must be saturated for up to 24 hours, On the other hand ,man made japanies water stone can be saturated for a few minutes. Large amount of japanies natural stone have been quarried over the countries.So such kind of japanies water stones are rame nowadays

.So it is very expensive now.

but it is good too for use as natural one

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