Best sharpening stones-know and pick the best sharpening stone set

when people wants to know about best sharpening stones ,he/she perhaps wants to know about their properties,categories,selection process,best brands,composition that indicates grit size,chemical gradients,way to use,finally what is the best for the particular tools to sharpen their tools such as kitchen knife,pocket knife,axe,saw,scissors,razzors,chisels,swords,bow e.t.c so know and pick the best one  which indicates best sharpening stones set. In this website,we have tried our best to represent these issues chronologically .so i request you to read whole article and their associate links to know pros and corns about sharpening stones heading presents best sharpening stones   There are many kinds of stones in the world.Among them,the stones which are used to sharpen the edge is called sharpening stones.


The synonyms of sharpening stones is whetstones.It is also called honing stones.In this website ,we have used all the three synonyms namely sharpening stones,whetstone and honing stones that indicates the same things.Sharpening stones are divided into two categories:

best sharpening stones

outlook of sharpening stones


Before viewing some sample of best sharpening stones ,you must to know a vital things that is grit selection .

Grit selection

When you will attempt to purchase a sharpening stones finally you have to know the final selection method but i have discussed here because if you haven’t enough to read the whole article atleast you get the chance the most vital and final method of selection the best sharpening stones.I repeat if you have time to read ,read the whole.

Grit selection according to steel grade and instrumennts

recommended method to select best sharpening stones

steel gradeinstrumentsgritcheck price
soft steel below 40kitchen knife,vegetables cutting knife,thinner blade,pocket knife,fruits cutting knife,butter cutting knife,razors220-1000check price
medium steel grade40-60hunting knife,mutton cutting knife,hand scrapers,chisels,bow1100-3000check price
hard steel above 60swords,axe,saw,and others gardening instruments3100-8200check price
to sharpen the edge ,have to know many things but it is must to know

Recommended best sharpening stones according to grit

Premium Knife Sharpening Stone

       special feature:

1.It has 2 side sharpening capacity 2.grit size is 1000/6000 3.you can use it for multi tools 4.It has a base made of bamboo 5.IT is locked with base that gives extra facility for use 6.It bears decent amount of silicone dioxide which is great. 7.it bears angle guide that gives more facility to use

before use you have to know



  • very easy to use having bamboo base
  • It is comparatively cheap
  • It can sharp all tools
  • you also get an ebook that can help you to know the sharpening system
  • you can use it at any place



  • water is needed

Kota Japan Premium Sharpening Stone

special feature: 1.It has both side sharpening capacity. 2.grit size is 600/3000 3.It has wooden base that is great. 4.It bears blade guide 5.composition is silicone dioxide and carbonate particles that is great. 6.japanese famous company has made it

Title Here



  • comfortable to use
  • it is cheap
  • stone is locked with base that gives extra facility to sharpen
  • any one can sharpen using it
  • you can use it at any place



  • you have to use water

1.Natural whetstones

2.Manufactured whetstones

best sharpening stones

There are four others categories of sharpening stones

:1.Oil stones 2.Water stones 3.Ceramic stones 4.Diamond hones

Natural whetstones

:In the ancient period, people used knife,axe,swords,bow,cross bow,spear and other hunting instruments.So they have to sharpen those instruments.For this purpose,they used sharpening stones which was natural obtained from mountain,bank of the river and later quarrying from mine. Novaculite, Belgian blue whetstones[BBW],Coticule stone was the best natural stone.Nowadays for its unavailability and higher price,It has been replaced by artificial ones.But for mythical satisfaction ,some people use natural stone to sharpen their favourite item.Natural stones bear random grit that gives a long lasting edge.Various size of micro serration in the blade is made for random grits.Natural stones can be used with water and oil. Some natural whetstones:1. usa novaculite  2. japanese siliciclastic sedimentory stones[aka japanese water stones]

Manufactured whetstones

Whetstones also can be manufactured in the industry .It is called man made whetstones. 1.Silicon carbide oil stones [crystolon] 2. Aluminium oxide oil stones [india stones] 3. Ceramic stones 4. Diamond hones 5. Synthetic corundum rod[ Ruby stones] .Manufactured whetstones is cheaper than natural whetstones.It also gives finer edge as same as natural ones.Man made whetstones are in reasonably priced except the diamond hones.They contain different grits for different stages So they work like natural whetstone.They are enough to cutting ,polishing and honing the edge of a instruments like knife ,swords,axe,chisels,razors ,scissors etc. soft,coarse stone needed for blunt tools.hard ,fine stone needed for extreme fine tools.Some man made or synthetic sharpening stones are made by modifying natural stones.Many companies are manufacturing synthetic stones . It contains designed and planned particle size. The higher the amount of abrasiveness,the higher the cutting speed. A bonding product with the stone and total abrasiveness of the stone control the cutting capacity. White fused aluminium grit is needed for some synthetic sharpening stones.Fused aluminium grit become suspended in resin. man made whetstones can be used for all types of sharpening purposes.

How to use :

Sharpening stones or whetstones are used according to their categories .Water stones,oil stones,diamond stones and ceramic stones all are used in different ways .But their is a common pattern in case of them. the following video may be helpful to understand this pattern  

Sharpening scissors -by sandpaper,sharpening stones,metal scrubbing pad,aluminium foil